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Mental Health for Deaf People

 The British Society for Mental Health and Deafness (BSMHD) is unique in the UK as it is the only UK charity that focuses entirely on the promotion of the positive mental health of deaf people.

Mental health includes healthy emotional, psychological and social development, the prevention and treatment of mental illness and other disorders. Although the main focus is on those who’s first or preferred language is sign language, BSMHD is interested in the mental health of all deaf people, whatever their language preference, age of onset or degree of deafness.

Deaf people who are British Sign Language users are almost twice as likely to have mental health issues compared with the general population (40% against 25%). In addition, people with mental health and deafness issues (multiple needs) often face marginalisation from mainstream society. There is a great deal of stigma attached to mental health in the Deaf community, thus leading to isolation and loneliness in a close knit community. Through delivery of training courses and dissemination of information, BSMHD are actively working to reduce this stigma throughout the UK.


Dr Katherine Rogers - Chair
Celia Hulme - Vice Chair
Dr Kevin Baker
Herbert Klein
Helga McGilp
Dr Alexander Hamilton
Shirley Farthing

To join us as a member of BSMHD group, please download Individual Member Application Form 2017-2018 to fill in and email, info@bsmhd.org.uk or post to the General Secretary.